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Reference an Associated Publication

This service has an associated publication. If you use its data, it may be appropriate to reference arXiv:2102.09238 either in addition to or instead of the service reference.

Reference the Service

To cite the service as such, we suggest the following BibTeX entry:

  title={{LoLSS} - Image Cutout Service},
  author={de Gasperin, F. and Williams, W. L. and Best, P. and Bruggen, M. and Brunetti, G. and Cuciti, V. and Dijkema, T. J. and Hardcastle, M. J. and Norden, M. J. and Offringa , A. and Shimwell, T. and van Weeren, R. and Bomans, D. and Bonafede, A. and Botteon, A. and Callingham, J. R. and Cassano, R. and Chyzy, K. T. and Emig, K. L. and Edler, H. and Haverkorn, M. and Heald, G. and Heesen, V. and Iacobelli, M. and Intema, H. T. and Kadler, M. and Malek, K. and Mevius, M. and Miley, G. and Mingo, B. and Morabito, L. K. and Sabater, J. and Morganti, R. and Orru, E. and Pizzo, R. and Prandoni, I. and Shulevski, A. and Tasse, C. and Vaccari, M. and Zarka, P. and Rottgering, H.},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the The VO @ {ASTRON}}

Perhaps Have a Look at Licenses and such

Some services have additional advice or requests on citing in their copyright information. For this service, that is:

LoLSS is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License