TGSSADR Source Catalogue

This service queries the catalogue of radio sources from the images of the TIFR GMRT Sky Survey (TGSS) Alternative Data Release (up to 1 deg square). This data release contains previously unpublished data from the TIFR GMRT Sky Survey (TGSS), which has been independently reprocessed. It includes continuum stokes I images of 99.5 percent of the radio sky north of -53° DEC (3.6π sr, or 90 percent of the full sky) at a resolution of 25“ x 25” north of 19° DEC and 25“ x 25” / cos(DEC-19°) south of 19°, and a median noise of 3.5 mJy/beam. The extracted radio source catalog contains positions, flux densities, sizes and more for 0.62 Million sources down to a 7-sigma peak-to-noise threshold.
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