M) Apertif DR1 - Polarization images and cubes

This service query provides for each observation A multi-frequency Stokes V image and Stokes Q and U cubes with a frequency resolution of 6.25 MHz. The Stokes V images are 3.4°×3.4°(3073×3073 pixels, with 4′′/pixel) while the Stokes Q and U cubes have a spatial extent of 2.7°×2.7°(2049×2049 pixels, with 4′′/pixel). These images are 1.1°×1.1°(661×661 pixels, with 6′′/pixel), which extend well beyond the 10% primary beam level. The angular resolution of the imaging survey observations is ∼ 15′′×15′′/sin(δ). Please find more details in the Apertif DR1 documentation

ICRS Position, RA,DEC, or Simbad object (e.g., 234.234,-32.45)
Size in decimal degrees (e.g., 0.2 or 1,0.1)
Relation of image and specified Region of Interest.
Name of the field. Matches also partial input (e.g. m1403+5324 or 1403+5324).
Observation id
Beam number
Maximum distance to the center of the images
Sort by
Limit to items.
Data products of this release are hosted on the Apertif Long Term Archive (ALTA) infrastructure.
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